Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Shadow Emperor Golden Lily Fugu Plan - Purpose of the Great East Asia War (3) "Mr. Megumi Yokota" and "Mr. Megumi Yokota"> ① On March 16, 1993, Russia's Nobaya Bramiya magazine and June 26, 1998 "Tornado 7" Kim Jong Il's father is not Kim Il-sung, but a Japanese named Kim Chak (Kim Chak), Horihata Hatanaka (Hataka Osamu) ". And the Korean Peninsula crisis this time is also a move to place the Korean Peninsula under Japanese control again according to Japan's national policy "Second Phlox (Second Pig Plan)" There is a big strategy of realizing world peace by dividing Israel into the "division of China" and "rebuilding Manchukuo country" in the past.