Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Operation Golden Lily Deal with Lilith - The House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha is completely degenerated today. If you want the real deal, follow the money and contact: me. #realdeal

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Golden Lily M Money Fraud - By the way, "Spirit of golden" to say, temporarily "M money fraud" went through. There is also the theory that "M funds" M is William · McCutt of GHQ Economic Science Bureau and M of McArthur, but the truth is that the daughter of the Rothschild family who happened to have been rough by Horikawa Tatsutoshiro during his stay in the United States , The child who was made intimate at the edge that helped this (magazine "Takahiko" June 2009 issue), the theory that it is "M" of "Maeda Tomorrow" that became the back emperor after Tatsumiro There is also. Considering the features of Horikawa Tatsukichiro, it is inferred that it was impossible to have "happened", and the birth of "Maeda Tomorrow" was exactly the culmination of "Royal Marriage."

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Shadow Empero True Golden Lily - The purpose of the great war, 4 ... the lily of the golden> ① During the war the Japanese army (exactly the special agencies Ryosuke Sasakawa et al.) Called the "gold lump" gold from the royal family of Asian countries is called "golden lily" . "Lily" is derived from the nickname of Chichibu which was the imperial safe number, it is said that it is buried in 177 locations etc in the Philippines.

Shadow Emperor Golden Lily Fugu Plan - Purpose of the Great East Asia War (3) "Mr. Megumi Yokota" and "Mr. Megumi Yokota"> ① On March 16, 1993, Russia's Nobaya Bramiya magazine and June 26, 1998 "Tornado 7" Kim Jong Il's father is not Kim Il-sung, but a Japanese named Kim Chak (Kim Chak), Horihata Hatanaka (Hataka Osamu) ". And the Korean Peninsula crisis this time is also a move to place the Korean Peninsula under Japanese control again according to Japan's national policy "Second Phlox (Second Pig Plan)" There is a big strategy of realizing world peace by dividing Israel into the "division of China" and "rebuilding Manchukuo country" in the past.