Friday, January 12, 2018

Golden Lily - Sumerian Anunnaki – Hidden from Mainstream History "It is because the evidence that the main criminal of the 9/11 WTC terrorist attacks in the United States is the Japanese government is confirmed." Upon the 9/11 simultaneous terrorism, the intelligence agency of the UK quickly became "Japan Doubting the government "he called people from the former Nakano school to the Teikoku hotel and listened to the situation over and over again. In keeping with the British behavior, the fact that the Japanese Cabinet Information Inquiry Office and the Security Office instructed the attack on Iraq by inciting the United Nations and the US government and the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency of the United States) Jorgies · Suleiman · Zura driver and secretary Inoue Masemori and secretary Oku Katsuhiko "Counterperson of the Olympic Games" but the true place "There is a question in the dead body of Oku Katsuhiko civilian." It is unlikely that Mr. Hosono Kowada of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will not participate in the funeral, and from the history of the Councilor Oku Katsuhiko will act unprotected. This is because the scent of the death scenario of the Council Information Inquiry Office Counselor is strong. It means that it is the same plot report as the case of the Roh-do bridge incident. It is like the Japanese government's guarantee on the validity of the US Iraq attack. When the United States tried to sacrifice Tekken, the Great East Japan Great Earthquake occurred, so Shintaro Ishihara, the governor of the city, translated the word opposite to "Tenji" in terms of "heavenly punishment". It is a thing that happens to be underestimated by a politician 's belly black words. If a tsunami comes, escape without being told by anyone. When the nuclear power plant became critical, those who strongly promoted the nuclear power plant escaped to overseas early. Government ministers are escaping to the people by "self evacuation" and this somewhat somewhat poor instruction. It is a repetition of an indefinite policy of irresponsible government that the Papacy, Kwantung Army, Imperial House, "Manchuria (Mongolia) Pioneering Youth Volunteer Army and Manchuria Bride · Manchuria Settlement Family" was "Misato Washer". That is "Sumeranokuni = Japan".

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