Monday, December 18, 2017

Shadow Emperor - In addition, its descendants "Ikyosuke" and "Ii Nagami" each got the time difference based on the creation of the Japanese archipelago as a starting point and welcomed the conscious body from Sirius (+ Pleiades) and Orion, from the former " Dragonian "as a Mu, entering the Kara, from the latter entering the Atlantis, Aryan as" Reptarian " We created a binary confrontation as a "place of learning of the soul" in the three dimensional world. However, with regard to the creationism of Japan and the Earth by Ikunari and Ii Nanami, once the emergence of "Kuninosuke Tadanjin" had formed the "Lemuria" civilization centered on the Japanese archipelago, There is also the theory that it was divided into "Mu" and "Atlantis". By the way, although both "Leptarian" and "Dragonian" are "Ryuu", the former is said to be "devil" in the West whereas the latter is Oriental "God (Long Goddess)" in the West It is because the "bull" (god) which is a symbol of "contract, management, causation" is totem (a symbol of the tribe).