Monday, March 20, 2017

Shadow Emperor Grand Project - I remembered the donation case 35 years ago in the Kanke case, which the public is making a noise. When I offered brand information to Mr. Nakae who was a speculative group of the stockholders' stock at that time, I received a thank of 1 million yen. Although it is not a bad money, there is a House of Representatives election from the time, and Nakanishi Keisuke had you out from the LDP and the same year student at Tsurikaka school supported me including me. The gathering at Wakayama Tokyu Inn and raising Oda was playing with the election as an excuse. I gave Mr. Nakae's million yen to them as they were asked by the support organization Kashira, and notified the Nakanishi office to that effect. After Mr. Nakanishi won the prize safely, from the Nakanishi office this time the Ministry of Home Affairs announces the name of the publication of Mr. Nakae as a donor, so I divided it by half and said that I should send it to the Ministry of Home Affairs with two mouths. I said that I wanted you to put it out as it is against the purpose of whether it is the political funds regulation law or not. It became October 1 of the following year, there was a news that the Yomiuri Shimbun came to my house from Nakanishi. A former Yomiuri reporter also asked me. In the Yomiuri article, it is a big problem that Kashira of the work group contributed to the president of the Treasury Secretariat. Nakae did not commission something, but this is a purification property, because it was judged that it is not desirable to hide the name of the donor by half by dividing it into half even though there is no right and wrong in the money itself, as it is a departure act of the Political Funds Control Law is there. However, the Yomiuri Shimbun, who received leaks of illegal information from officials of the Ministry of Home Affairs, announced extensively with a black donation from the work group to the Treasury Secretary General, as if taking the head of the demon. Of course, I do not investigate whether there is a commission or not. The first two people did not have a sale that there was There will not be a request for commission. In case of something happening in the future, if you see it, it is a casual guess. The perception of public opinion on political funds and the degree of insight of the media were roughly like this, but it seems that it has not changed since 35 years now. From the experience of the right this time, one million who calls Dagokui from Mrs. Abe's, probably avoided Mrs. Abe's returning back, saying "Please do it to the master's donation" Whether it is a common way of operating a donation to write celebrities' fictitious donations in the service book and to stimulate other donors, the mass communication dared to feel it, so that the Yomiuri at that time It is about the same degree. Also, while the Democratic Progressive Party is also doing something similar to Mizukara, what he is doing to the National Assembly for doing impression manipulation of Abe is that the Japanese parliamentary politics and the mass communication have dramatically increased since 35 years ago It is evidence of deterioration.