Sunday, June 26, 2016

#feminism #GoldenLily #WWCode GOLDEN LILY Human Trust Memo 100MT/1000MT

Human Trust Memo of Golden Lily 100MT/1000MT

Recently Japan concerned Gold Stock (Golden Lily, GL) has acquented more and more the the knowledge of it’s history and roots (*), and some of them are going to disclosure in parallle to the socio-cultural advancement of recognition on Human Trust.

There appeared some litteratures concerning GL information.

Le Vatican et le Japon dans la guerre de la Grande Asie orientale : La mission Marella
de Régis Ladous et autres Permalien :

Opération "Lys d'or" : Le scandaleux secret de la guerre du Pacifique ou comment les Etats-Unis ont utilisé le trésor de guerre japonais pour financer la guerre froide.
de Sterling Seagrave et autres Permalien :

Enigme of Emperor’s Gold Golden Lily: 
Emperor and Gold Fund: 

Here the research shows the hypothesis proposed by Ochiai, and it’s high probabilty that the GL funds has close relation to Human Trust over One World.

Human Trust has close relation to GL Funds which is originally from Japanese Emperor.
Human Trust area seems gegraphically located among Frankfurt, Brussels, and Paris.
Human Trust is in near contact with GL Funds.

GL Fund related financial lobby to develop the Human Trust.

GL Funds Bank Infomation.

Human Trust Funds Research & Investment Scheme.
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