Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Shadow Emperor Anti-Globalism Is the world tide of anti-globalism a populism? Even in Europe, the movement of anti-EU is accelerating even in the core countries that make up the EU, such as Italy, France and Germany, starting with the withdrawal of the EU in Great Britain. The media reports this as populism = popular compatibility policy and reports as if it is a wrong action. I can not help but feel a very big incongruity in the attitude of this mass communication. First of all, I feel strongly the arrogance of the mass media that asserts that there is no ability for the public to think rationally about the future of the world. Furthermore, at the root of such behavior, the fact that many people feel that the world is getting worse while promoting globalism, including the expansion of economic disparity through the promotion of globalism there is. In other words, the media reports that it is foolish and wrong in order to adhere to globalism without admitting the error of globalism and improving society. The true identity of globalism is a battle for a weak cook sake spanning the world, and in the world of capitalism it is a clear fight from the beginning that gold lending that is powerful = able to move a lot of capital becomes advantageous is. It is because social contradiction is getting worse and worse because anti-globalism is increasing socially, and that should be a problem inherently. It seems that even if it is concluded that the media to report that the funny extreme right administration is complaining to a stupid public and saying outrageous things, even if it is concluded that it is the hand of money lending .

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Shadow Emperor Europe - The Japanese emperor and one world that created the history of Europe Gold Fund from Japan to Europe The Japanese emperor created the history of Europe

Shadow Emperor Europe - A forbidden genealogy revealed for the first time in the world Habsburg family and true imperial music A great discovery of the impact that completely overturns the history of the world so far. The forbidden genealogy finally revealed.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Golden Lily Comfort Woman - CP Naruhito project Comfort Men - ✔️ 'COMFORT WOMEN' TENSIONS #Japan recalls its ambassador to Seoul, consul general in Busan over 'comfort woman' statue #comfortwoman #ArirangNews #Korea His Imperial Highness Naruhito the Crown Prince of Japan. Lectures on the boon and bane of water in civilization. HIH Naruhito the Crown Prince of Japan, giving a video keynote lecture to The 3rd UN Thematic Session on Water & Disasters. #HLPWater Japon : le prince héritier Naruhito a participé par vidéo à la session de l'ONU sur l'eau et les désastres naturels.

Sunday, July 30, 2017


Shadow Emperor CP Naruhito - Prince of Japan says it is important the country remembers its role in World War II 'correctly' as the nation's politicians try to play down its historic crimes Crown prince Naruhito said people must remember miserable experience Rare public statement contradicts Prime Minister Shinzo Abe Abe believes Japan should tell 20th century history more sympathetically

Friday, July 28, 2017

Shadow Emperor - Make Kyoto Great Again - TORA TORA TORA ! RT DisruptingJapan: Will the emperor move to #Kyoto upon abdication? #Japan Kyoto & Nara now competing to ruin Emperor Akihito's retirement | The Japan Times Poor guy just wants to retire... Kyoto lobbies for Emperor to live in former Imperial capital after abdication